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PayPal is asking for my checking account after 13 years with them

Contacted by ebay when I went to pay for 13.08 puchase on ebay . Told by Paypal that i had reached my spending limit and could only raise the limit by giving Paypal a link to my checking account ,banking account . Yeah, right you holdyour damn breathe waiting on that to happen. I contacted Paypal who has exercised a CHASE Visa credit card w/o problems for 13 years and explained that I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY PERSONAL INFORMATION after 13 years and no returns , shortages and 100% ebay feedback . I will tell you to bite me and you can forget having a share of my disposable income . I think EBAY?PAYPAL should be forced to reveal their business partership for the public to see. After contacting the EBAY seller and explaining the situation he kindly cancelled his transaction with me and stated he did this so i would not have a less that 100% ebay rating and he thought standing on my ground on refusal to share more info was commendable.  My wife and i are fed up with this BS and hope to find some avenue to bring this crap to light . I can’t believe that the credit card we use has no personal spending limit , but, rather paypal does this arbitrarily to anyone they choose. i say FU paypal hope this hurts you like the pissed off i feel . Thanks for the forum

Posted: May 25, 2012 at 3:37 pm

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3 thoughts on “PayPal is asking for my checking account after 13 years with them
  1. Luvzme on

    I would rather die then give Paypal access to my checking account. I thought it was you either needed to link a credit card or bank account but not both. Why all of the sudden would they need your bank account after 13 years? Are they running out of people to rob?

  2. Felix on

    I would NEVER give my bank account information to paypal. Ive have read so many horror storied about people who have and how paypal debits there accounts all these crazy amounts with no explination. SCREW paypal


    Pay Pal has asked me to link my credit card to their account but they already have me checking account. Why is it that they are requesting both? Can someone clear the air for me because I am a bit confused. Last time I checked the bank account was good enough?!?!?