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PayPal Claims Process

I am so angry I can barely find the words. I filed a complaint for non-delivery of some items I had ordered from a vendor in Australia. I had good results from him previously, but on this particular order I waited for over a month for parts, which now almost two months later have still not arrived. He provided proof to me that he had indeed posted the item, but was unable to track the item or do anything else for me. PayPal’s site detailed the process for filing a complaint, and I filed the complaint as instructed. I was advised of an approximate time frame for resolution, and was advised I would be told of the decision they arrived at before the case was closed. That simply did not prove to be true. They found in favor of the vendor because he had evidence that he had shipped the product, while I had provided no evidence to the contrary! What would I have provided? I never received the order, and there is no way for me to prove that I didn’t receive it except that I didn’t sign for anything, though I don’t think that was required. I can’t get a response from PayPal from a human, and in fact never would have known that they closed the complaint if I had not gone through a very aggravating and less than intuitive process that they had in fact closed the complaint. These people do very little for the money they take from buyers and sellers, and will do even less for anybody who has a problem on of their transactions. I will no longer deal with any vendor, whether online or otherwise, who demands that PayPal be used. These folks are thinly veiled crooks! I will no longer risk my hard earned money with a “service” that appears to be more of a predator than anything else. I am so upset about this issue that I will not rest until I can exact my pound of flesh by going viral on Youtube and/or other cyber solutions to spread the word of this shady operation

Posted: October 14, 2013 at 6:17 pm

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