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Paypal closed my account down

I have a bed and breakfast on the coast. We have themed rooms one of which has a few whips and chains and done up with fifty shades of grey in mind. When customers book the rooms I ask for a deposit through Paypal this hasn’t been a problem until recently when a client copy and paste my terms and conditions for paying the deposit. It reads something like deposit to cover loss theft or damage of the BDSM themed room. Paypal immediately closed my account down. A week a later closed my personal Paypal account down. Now I have all sorts of problems. While querying this with Paypal I scrolled across thousands of sexual material on ebay such as vibrators, whips, chains, latex outfits you name it its on ebay. Paypal is the recommended form of payment for all these items. I’m puzzled

Posted: June 12, 2014 at 6:04 pm

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