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Paypal continues working with known scammer

With out Prejudice I tell my story. Pay Pal gives you 45 days to create a dispute against a merchant..yet if the supplier mentions waiting for “6 weeks” and you complain to your supplier first..and the supplier delays their response to you…then in no time at all you have run out of days to dispute via Pay Pal. I believe firstly the time limit should be increased to 60 days. In my case..the suppliers of the products I purchased are dishonest and ruthless in their return or guarantee policy. No one gets their money back. No one gets satisfaction. I only found this out after a long saga of trying to get reimbursed for a non delivered order. The company Strictly Health was paid $137 for an order which I have NOT RECEIVED. When I complained via phone to Pay Pal, I was told I was over the time limit. Then Pay Pal said they would investigate the mention of the 6 week waiting time on the website as that was definitely not allowed under Pay Pal regulations. My point is Pay Pal continues to deal with this company that rips people off….if you type in Strictly Health in the google search bar…you will see link after link of Rip OFFs by this company…yet Pay Pal continues to be on their website. I for one…thought that if you have a Pay Pal logo on your website, then you are dealing with ethical merchants. Not so! I have complained to PayPal that I did not received my goods and said I was concerned about future purchasers too. I complained to my bank with the correct paper work..yet they say if it went via Pay Pal..then again… it’s over the time limit ..and the bank is stumped and cannot do anything further. Someone must be held accountable. The connections between the Florida USPS needs a eye out too. It gives a receipt that an order has been received ..but there is no evidence of the “order” leaving USA. Therefore how can the USPS say it is still in transit, and why can they not find it. Why also does it not say “Parcel” as a description? It says “International Letter”. And why give it a number if you cannot track your parcel. It’s all incredibly fishy and underhanded. I believe Pay Pal should not associate themselves with such companies. Futhermore, I think Pay Pal should investigate the Florida USPS. How can a receipt be given with a link on line and not lead to anywhere? We as Australians have been lead to believe that Pay Pal is a reputable facility to pay for things on line. The least Pay Pal can do is withdraw their association with a scam company and try to ward off future purchasers from Strictly Health. What recourse can a purchaser take when ripped off in this way from USA.
An individual cannot…and that’s why these scammers keep doing it and getting away with it.

Posted: August 17, 2012 at 3:31 pm

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2 thoughts on “Paypal continues working with known scammer
  1. Stickyfingers on

    PAyPal only upholds it policies when they want to. They really make up the rules as they go along. They don’t care that this company is a acm because they make money off them. They only care about their pockets. If you paid for this product out of your bank account or credit card you can file a dispute with the bank or the credit card company.

  2. smellymelly on

    This just adds to the list of the reasons I REFUSE to ever use Paypal or associate my self with anyone who does. They are quick to limit or shut down a legitimate business but keeps scammers in business. Thing that make you go hmm.