This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal stole my money

As a new customer PayPal charge my credit card 1 USD then reverse it back which was normal, all the sudden they charged me 1.95 USD then another 1.95 USD and topped-up my PayPal account with this amount , tried … Continue reading

PayPal is blocking our credit cards

Paypal not only committed the crime of closing our account, but for the past several years has been maliciously boycotting ALL our credit cards, VISA, MC, AMEX from banks like JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, you name it. It is … Continue reading

New Paypal Credit Don’t EVER Use IT!

Pay Pal Credit used to be Bill Me Later. Even they had a habit of “forgetting” to make your 6 month no interest purchase “deferred”. So I would call them and get it straightened out. Now that they’ve switched to … Continue reading

PayPal is a waste of time.

Too many incidences to mention. Most recent asking for the balance of $50+ to be refunded to my credit card. After nearly 30 minutes and a supervisor who kept me on hold for 10 minutes only to return with ” … Continue reading

Bad Experiences with Paypal

Horrible experiences with Paypal: I purchased some tailored shirts and the seller sent a few ill fitting shirts then stopped communicating after Paypals 45 day refund had lapsed. Good scam as it takes longer than 45 days for shirts. Paypal … Continue reading

Can’t fund my payments the way I want to with PayPal

I am forced to use paypal as an ebay seller. I was trying to make a donation to a charity that links to paypal for payment. I did not want to even log in to paypal to pay and there … Continue reading

Paypal is blocking my credit card and account

Recently a ticket service I had to deal with only accepted PayPal payments. I tried using my credit card without registering and it got declined. I then recalled that I did have a paypal account that I made about a … Continue reading

Can’t use my account to pay for anything

I hold credit cards issued in (at least) 5 different countries. I live in Italy and, despite my name, I am a citizen of Italy. Typically, my credit cards are issued in other countries (not in Italy, that is), but … Continue reading

VISA card banned by PayPal

Just found out that I cannot use my Business Visa card for any transaction where Paypal is the payment processor. I disputed a Paypal charge in March 2013 that showed up on my credit card because the description did not … Continue reading

Paypal needs my credit card info to close my account??

Today I decided to find out how I can cancel my paypal account because I realized that I haven’t used paypal in a few years and I don’t plan on using it again since there is a lot of horror … Continue reading