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PayPal is a waste of time.

Too many incidences to mention. Most recent asking for the balance of $50+ to be refunded to my credit card. After nearly 30 minutes and a supervisor who kept me on hold for 10 minutes only to return with ” … Continue reading

Bad Experiences with Paypal

Horrible experiences with Paypal: I purchased some tailored shirts and the seller sent a few ill fitting shirts then stopped communicating after Paypals 45 day refund had lapsed. Good scam as it takes longer than 45 days for shirts. Paypal … Continue reading

Can’t fund my payments the way I want to with PayPal

I am forced to use paypal as an ebay seller. I was trying to make a donation to a charity that links to paypal for payment. I did not want to even log in to paypal to pay and there … Continue reading

Paypal is blocking my credit card and account

Recently a ticket service I had to deal with only accepted PayPal payments. I tried using my credit card without registering and it got declined. I then recalled that I did have a paypal account that I made about a … Continue reading

Can’t use my account to pay for anything

I hold credit cards issued in (at least) 5 different countries. I live in Italy and, despite my name, I am a citizen of Italy. Typically, my credit cards are issued in other countries (not in Italy, that is), but … Continue reading

VISA card banned by PayPal

Just found out that I cannot use my Business Visa card for any transaction where Paypal is the payment processor. I disputed a Paypal charge in March 2013 that showed up on my credit card because the description did not … Continue reading

Paypal needs my credit card info to close my account??

Today I decided to find out how I can cancel my paypal account because I realized that I haven’t used paypal in a few years and I don’t plan on using it again since there is a lot of horror … Continue reading

I am being robbed by pay pal

About 17 years ago while I was going through a really rough time financially, I saw an ad for pay pal. I was in the middle of Divorce negotiations with my ex.. She was trying to rob me. Anyhow, I … Continue reading

PayPal terms of service

I listed a laptop on ebay and opened a paypal account to simplify payment for potential buyers if they preferred paypal. As it turned out, someone bought the laptop; they paid paypal and I shipped the laptop. But paypal would … Continue reading


I have had a pay pal account since 2008. I was recently notified, when I went to pay for a purchase, through e bay, that I had reached my sending limit, and I had to get verified. What a nightmare! … Continue reading