This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

I am being robbed by pay pal

About 17 years ago while I was going through a really rough time financially, I saw an ad for pay pal. I was in the middle of Divorce negotiations with my ex.. She was trying to rob me. Anyhow, I … Continue reading

PayPal terms of service

I listed a laptop on ebay and opened a paypal account to simplify payment for potential buyers if they preferred paypal. As it turned out, someone bought the laptop; they paid paypal and I shipped the laptop. But paypal would … Continue reading


I have had a pay pal account since 2008. I was recently notified, when I went to pay for a purchase, through e bay, that I had reached my sending limit, and I had to get verified. What a nightmare! … Continue reading

Paypal tried to sneak in $885 charge on an authorized transaction

I had a Buyer Protection Case opened against me for $885.00. This caused Paypal to enter a negative balance of $885.00 in my Paypal account. I decided to do nothing about this until the Buyer Protection Case was resolved. The … Continue reading

Check your bank account and credit cards

A warning: Keep an eye on your transactions, Paypal is “conveniently” swapping primary accounts from your bank account to their credit card without notifying their customers. For me this meant I have been charging things to a credit card, racking … Continue reading

Unable to make a purchase with my own credit card

Have been trying politely for three weeks to make a simple $26 purchase online at a photography website. The only payment options available were 1) use my credit card with the possibility of signing up for PayPal later, or 2) … Continue reading

Better protection with credit card then paypal

I ordered goods online from an advert on facebook & paid using paypal, the link on facebook took me to an uk website, but the goods were sent from china. When the goods arrived I suspected they were counterfeit. The … Continue reading

Don’t trust PayPal with your personal information!

I have never really trusted Paypal, but continued to use them for years since I like buying and selling on ebay. I had a couple issues with fraudulent disputes after I sold something and paypal went back into my bank … Continue reading

PayPal’s debit card destroyed my life

PayPal’s debit card destroyed my life. It put me into a hole to deep to climb out of by causing at least $1500 in OVERDRAFT, INSUFFICIENT FUNDS AND RETURNED PAYMENT FEES. Just ONE transaction with unavailable funds can easily cycle … Continue reading

Lost chargeback despite shipped item

I lost a chargeback issued against me by a buyer’s credit card company (credit card company unknown to me). Even though the item I sold was sent, I had proof of postage. The credit card company took the money for … Continue reading