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PayPal is asking for my checking account after 13 years with them

Contacted by ebay when I went to pay for 13.08 puchase on ebay . Told by Paypal that i had reached my spending limit and could only raise the limit by giving Paypal a link to my checking account ,banking … Continue reading

My Check Bounced

By Christina When I signed up for paypal, i was told(and I read) that there were no setup fees, no monthly charges,etc., just a “small” fee per transaction in my account. Well, guess what? I only had paypal two days … Continue reading

PayPal Is Not Safe

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I have been a paypal / ebay user since late 1999. I had a “premier” paypal with all the perks – debit card and everything. I hung with them through all the changes they made after … Continue reading

PayPal Is A Ripoff

By Ronald Paypal a ripoff. I am a Payal Member (not for long) who operates a Store on ebay.I also use Paypal to transfer money because they were less expensive than Western Union. My son did some computer work and … Continue reading

PayPal Does Not Care

By Brenda I purchased a USUI Traditional Reiki Correspondence Course , using paypal. I never rexceived my course. The day after I purchased the course my credit card paid paypal for the transaction. This was the first part of May. … Continue reading

Awful PayPal Experience

By Rosie My first time as an international seller on Ebay was a success last June 2003, sold a dvd for $5.50. The buyer was pleased, feedback was great, all was well…..until September, all of a sudden, I was implicated … Continue reading

Stolen Money, Frozen Credit Card

By Jay E. Shenk Not only has PayPal seized my funds, they have also locked up my credit card account. I bought about $800.00 worth of  products on eBay, and started sending out payments via PayPal from a prepaid Mastercard. … Continue reading

PayPal Froze Account For Changing Credit Card

By Tony   First I must say that I have been with PayPal since it’s inception and until recently with no problems. Recently I had my unblemished account limited AKA frozen because over the years I had the account, I … Continue reading

Stolen Credit Card

By Simon Knight I sold two graphics cards to a guy on ebay for $470, I sent the item via DHL with a tracking number, the item was delivered and I thought I had a good transaction. 30+ days later I … Continue reading

I’m Out $180.00 and Counting

By A.L. Thomas I started selling a lot of products through eBay a few years back mainly firearm accessories/police supplies.  I was approached by a gentleman through an email asking to buy some firearm magazines directly through me. He wanted … Continue reading