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Unable to Cancel PayPal Account!

By Chris Heffner Hello Everyone, I just wanted everyone to know that I have found paypal to be one of my worst experiences so far. I am a 100% positve feedback seller on Ebay where I have sold hundeds and … Continue reading

I’m Out $180.00 and Counting

By A.L. Thomas I started selling a lot of products through eBay a few years back mainly firearm accessories/police supplies.  I was approached by a gentleman through an email asking to buy some firearm magazines directly through me. He wanted … Continue reading

PayPal Restricted My Account for No Reason

By Mike Hello, Never sell anything more than $200-$300 worth using paypal payment. I used paypal to buy several items they got money directly from my bank account. Then I sold an item and want to transfer my money to … Continue reading

Seller Protection?

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous I have recently been robbed by Paypal and by a Buyer. I am a frequent seller on Ebay and have used paypal for 2 years now, for both buying and selling purposes.  This is the … Continue reading

PayPal Ripped Me Off!

By Lonnie Hello fellow paypal customers, I wished that I had found this web-site before being ripped off by PayPal. I have been a customer since 2000 and have never had any problems sending or receiving money until recently. I … Continue reading