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PayPal And Credit Fraud

By Chelsea Graham

OK where do i start hmmmm. I have been dealing with paypal since Nov.2002  I started having trouble with paypal in Jan 2003. I was selling items on ebay and being paid with paypal. I have sold ALOT of items on ebay and well just 4 people i have sold items to i have had probs. with. I sold them what they bought and these people emailed me saying they got their items and loving them. I find out a month later they are filing a credit card charge back with paypal for some reason. these people have not contacted me about these matters and im at the point where im kinda lost.

I contacted paypal many of times and they told me ( we are working on your behalf and will get this fixed) i was like OK cool. I then find out they are giving these people their money back so im now in the OMG stage. My bank account was soooo messed up and i had to work extra hours to get it straight again. As of now with all these paypal charge backs im 722.85 in the HOLE. Paypal will not help me out on these matters AT ALL. I have sent many emails and called a number of times. I even have the comfirmation slips that state these items were delivered to the address givin. They did not care about that.

They sent me an email saying I NEED TO BRING MY ACCOUNT TO A 0 BAL OR THEY WILL FILE CHARGES AGAINST ME AND PUT A MARK IN MY CREDIT. I have good credit and do not need any of this bull. I did not know what to do until i found this website so i took all the information this website provided me and did what i had to do. It kinda makes me sick to see all these people getting ripped off of their hard earned money and no one caring about that.  I will do what ever is needed to get my money back and help others do the same. Please feel free to email me and i will help you out in anyway i can. We all need to stick together and BRING PAYPAL DOWN!!!!!!


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:27 am

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