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New Paypal Credit Don’t EVER Use IT!

Pay Pal Credit used to be Bill Me Later. Even they had a habit of “forgetting” to make your 6 month no interest purchase “deferred”. So I would call them and get it straightened out. Now that they’ve switched to Paypal credit there is no way to get through to customer service. They never answer. So just use you regular credit card (which I’m sure has a lower interest rate anyway). A six month no interest deal makes no sense if you have to chase it down after the fact especially when you’ve been careful to select the proper box for the “promotion”.

Posted: October 10, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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One thought on “New Paypal Credit Don’t EVER Use IT!
  1. linda chiappetta on

    I agree Paypal Credit is a rip-off. I have been applying for promotional purchases for years and all of a sudden they say my purchase over $99 is NOT promotional because I messed up when I checked out. NOT. I called them and basically they would not give in. I won’t be using them for promotional purchases any more. They are jerks.