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PayPal Criminal Actions

By Keith Zaffino

Earlier this year paypal recvd an ” unauthorize charge ” notice from a customer i had done business with to the tune of $3200.00. the customer bought a brett favre rookie card from me, recvd it, signed for it and then 2 months later claimed it was an unauthorized charge…no problem i thought, i had followed paypal merchant guidelines, furnished the info they requested, and i was covered under seller ptrotection….or so i thought. on items of 250.00 or more paypal requires that you have and are able to furnish reciept of signature….i sent the item certified with return reciept bearing the buyer’s signature…when i submitted this they said it has to be able to be tracked on line ie: a signature they can see on line..

when i read and re read their policy back to them over the phone on 13 seperate occasions they still told me ” what we mean is it has to be trackable and verified on line ” even though they don’t have that in they told me i was liable for the 3200.00 and they put a freeze on my account, i threatened to sui. they stated that their user agreement says that i have to come to CA to do that and that i have to first enter into mediation with their chosen mediation service that they pay for. ( sounds fixed )after contacting my lawyer i was told that since they do biz in md ( taking & making payments to and from customers in md ) that by md law they have to have an agent in md, and that the agreement the have you sign is null & void in just about every state including md. once my lawyer talked to them ( after this had been going on for 3 months ) my account was given back the 3200.00 and the matter was dropped..sorta…

since then they have constantly asked me to furnish and re furnish all information concerning my account. but this past week was the pip….my account was limited ( ie: frozen ) until they get me to re confirm all my info PLUS furnish them with a list of my creditors, my suppliers, my reciepts from these people, my tax returns, my prices paid to these people, and my profit margin reports, and that my acct can be closed for up to 45 days….well all they have is 12.06 in the account as i had just made a huge withdrawl that they cannot get to now as it is in my bank acct. needless to say that i have already gotten a new processor that is a real bank. the people at paypal are criminal in their actions and they should be forced to adhere to laws regulating this type of business.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:24 am

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