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PAYPAL Dictatorship

By William





Here is my horror story.

2 years ago I was selling car parts on the interenet. I had successfully started my first PAYPAL account to accept credit cards and increase my opportunity to increase revenue. The primary outlet for these items was eBay.

The customer saw some of my items on eBay and asked if I had a list of other items. I did have the other parts needed by the customer. He asked if I had a PAYPAL account and “Yes, I do” feeling like I had made a positive move. At this point I had only amassed a few hundred dollars in the account but this sale was for $750.

I shipped the customer the parts via Con-Way Central Express and insured the freight for $1000. A few weeks went by and suddenly my account was frozen with PAYPAL. I inquired and inquired and received no explanation.

A month went by and I found out finally that there was a charge back on the purchase. How I found out was from the customer. He had received the merchadise damaged. I asked him to file a claim with Con-Way Central Express so I could recoup the damage on the freight.

I went to Con-Way Central Express and he had filed the claim and already received the refund of $1000 for the damaged freight and recieved the charge back. PAYPAL said that it was not their problem and there was nothing they could do but I needed to restore my account with them of the $750 because I had withdrawn the money prior to the chargeback.

I told them that this was not going to happen. To this day I cannot participate in their scam. I consider myself fortunate. Yes, they did freeze $455 dollars that was in the account. The customer made out like a fat rat.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 9:49 am

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