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Mastercard expired and Paypal wouldn’t let me get a new one

Well, i had a good going with paypal, i only had one account, and i was working with the debit mastercard card, well my card expired, i have to say that i don’t have a SSN, but i do have … Continue reading

PayPal is trying to link an account with a negative balance to me

I have a limited status on my PayPal account. I called PayPal to ask what it’s about and they said that my PayPal account is linked to another older PayPal account which has been closed and had a negative balance … Continue reading

PayPal got my money locked up

I tried to transfer money from my paypal debit to my paypal prepaid & they decided the action was possibly fraudulent, so limited my account & cancelled my debit card. It was not fraudulent. I needed to pay a bill … Continue reading

Database corruption admitted by Paypal

My debit card has been registered with paypal since 11/04/2011 with an expiry date of 08/14. Yesterday I made 11 ebay purchases through paypal with no issue. The 12th transaction failed with an invalid expiry date. On paypal the card … Continue reading

Paypal stole $20 from me

I’ve had a few unpleasant ones, but the latest – I used my Paypal debit card at an ATM to take out $20, but the machine froze, didn’t give me the money but I was still charged. I took pics … Continue reading

Got limited TWENTY MINUTES after I verified my debit card

So, this may be an insignificant experience compared to that of other people. My Paypal account got limited TWENTY MINUTES after I verified my debit card. I had to go through all the trouble to get a new bank account … Continue reading

Activation drama

Two days ago I spent $5.00 to purchase a prepaid paypal debit mastercard. I called to activate the card this morning because I need Cash. After putting all my info out there over the phone, everything, from my SSN to … Continue reading

Someone made a mistake and I have to pay

I just had to write this after dealing with Paypal, and their “great” account practices. While on vacation recently I was traveling with my PayPal Debit cared which I had a few thousand dollars on. Somewhere during the trip, I … Continue reading

PayPal signed me up for an account against my will

For any number of reasons I can’t stand Paypal but this latest incident is too much. Bought a $350 item on E-bay, went to pay for it. Was given the option to select Paypal for payment (NO WAY) and another … Continue reading

Smart Connect Visa not so smart

I have two paypal accounts. I thought that I canceled the first one, which was attached to my old email address. I use paypal all the time with my new account, which is attached to my new email address. Despite … Continue reading