This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Complaint of Suspicion

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Just last night I tried to log on to my Ebay and paypal account because I sold 15 Ipods in 3 days as they were cheaper and the buyers all paid me with Paypal. There … Continue reading

PayPal Is Not Safe

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I have been a paypal / ebay user since late 1999. I had a “premier” paypal with all the perks – debit card and everything. I hung with them through all the changes they made after … Continue reading

PayPal Days Are Over

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous $7,854.52 FROZEN 06-15-2005 by Paypal. Paypal sent an email (see attached) after they froze the account. I have 388 positive feedbacks on ebay with 0 negatives, but now I’m ruined. I’ll get several negatives because … Continue reading

PayPal Went Nuts

By Lauren PayPal won’t let me close my account. I was a verified PayPal user for years with no problems. One day I sent a sum of money to my mum through PayPal using my credit card. My credit card … Continue reading

This is a Nightmare

By Rosella I started to sign up for PayPal, over a year ago. However, I never completed the form. When I got to the page for banking info, I closed it without filling it in. Three weeks ago, PayPal made two … Continue reading

PayPal Ruined My Business

By James Garner I am an example of what has been explained on this web-site.  What is being explained is true. My PayPal account was frozen. I was a Powerseller on Ebay. They froze my account because the volume of my … Continue reading

PayPal Lack of Communication

By Marmite Soldier Earlier this year I was asked to supply a lighting system to a client to supplement a previous purchase from me, using paypal to transfer the fund. I withdrew the cash then Paypal said that the transaction … Continue reading

PayPal’s a Waste of Time

By Anthony Well…came across some items for sale in a retail outlet with 75% off so I purchased them and then put them onto ebay. For each item I sold I gain 100% profit on them. Feeling rather proud with … Continue reading