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Illegal Reversals

By Nathan Sire

Paypal deducted $150 out of my account because a buyer claimed I didn’t deliver a product when I sold them services and did deliver. I didn’t find out the buyer falsified the claim (tangible versus intangible) till after the case was closed. Paypal automatically deducted the money from my account. They then claimed I submitted a refund. Paypal didn’t provide any correct options to resolve the claim. Their options only required me to prove I refunded the money or provide a tracking number. How can I provide a tracking number on a service. Remember, the buyer lied. When I told paypal the buyer lied on the claim, they did nothing. I will have to take this to small claims court. Paypal is refusing to deal with the buyer that lied. They said they can’t re-open claims.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:38 am

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