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Paypal is demanding political statement for suspended account

PayPay Suddenly Suspended our account.
We have no refunds or complaints on both ebay and paypal and have held both our ebay and paypal account since 2009.
We are an incorporated company within Australia.

On 17th they removed funds from our bank account for ebay fees – no problems, then froze the account with the payment midway. Our money remains in paypals account for ebay. In paypal they say payment cancel funds returned to banks account which has not occurred. Ebay is now threatening us for payment. I replied we have already paid and it is reflected on our bank statement, we will not be paying twice. Paypal suddenly request information which we have supplied in the past. We supplied some again and then they kept requesting more and more like company incorporation certificate (we supplied), then company mission statement and use of paypal, political statement???, etc, so we have refused to entertain them any further and demanded release of our funds to ebay and to close the account and we will use ebay in the future. No response from both parties at this time. They will not give us the reason. We hard receive any money into this account around $1000 a year as we request most payments to be direct bank deposit. The political form state anti terror and money laundering??? We pay about $200 a year out of this account, mainly to ebay and the odd purchase to wordpress plugins.

Really Dont understand this.

Posted: October 25, 2012 at 4:17 pm

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