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PayPal Did It Again

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

About 5 years ago, i had a paypal account.  I dont really remember the details, but the account was frozen, lost all the money in it (apx 500.00) couldnt do nothing about it.  Well time goes on, and here recently i had placed some auctions on ebay, and decided well i might as well open a paypal account to accept payments, due to most people feel more comfortable with that. Well people start sending money, about 5500 was in the paypal account, i sent out 2100 for auctions i had bidded on, and had 3000ish left. I go to call one place and ask why i havent recived what i had paid for, and they asked if i had reversed it.  i told them no but while i was on the phone with this place i looked at the paypal account, everything had been reversed, emails sent to people i had purchased stuff from, saying the funds were fruadulent.  Not only did that piss me off, it made it worse to find out that everyone i had had a transaction with had there accounts frozen. 

I have faxed them the information 5 times, and everytime i fax it, they claim to not have gotten it, when i have PERSONALLY been on the phone with somone and they said they recived it.  the account has been frozen for about a month and a half now with no end in sight.  They want tracking numbers for the stuff people bought but i REFUSE to send them anything, since i have NOT gotten paid, and neither did anyone else.  why should i send stuff out? if i dont get paid who does? oh yea thats right, paypal makes money off of MY money.  I honestly think, paypal got pissed becuase i was making more than they were, but its ok.  I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED ON PAYPAL, INC.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:16 am

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