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Paypal Double Billing

By Ed Persinger

I purchased an item for 142.00 from EBAY. I immediately paid for it through paypal. I recieved the item as described. When I recieved my bank account statement I found that paypal double billed my bank account. I paid 284.00 for a 142.00 item. Pay pal refuses to do anything about it and says it must be my fault. So screw paypal. I will never do business with them again. I guess paypal is owned by ebay so as far as I’m concerned I will never use ebay again. I will be closing my paypal account soon

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:04 am

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One thought on “Paypal Double Billing
  1. lily on

    I wonder if paypal is double dipping? It use to be once a buyer bought something, the seller could immediately deposit the money into their bank account. Now paypal is with holding buyers payment to seller until they they receive confirmation buyer received item. Today I was suppose to be able to deposit buyers payments to me, since paypal can clearly see by the track and confirm # the buyers received their items, and yet the paypal agent said I have to wait another day before I can deposit my money into my bank account, because the paypal agent told me while he can see by the tracking# both buyers have received their items, paypal has not officially received confirmation from the USPS. Also, I bought something, and thought I had paid with my bank account, but it turns out paypal took it out from the payments from my buyers. I hope that is the only place they took payment for my purchase and not my bank account as well. I will be checking my bank statement.