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PayPal double charged me and refuse refund

I just made a $9.61 purchase at Walgreens & a few minutes later found that my PayPal account had been charged twice for the same transaction.
I personally returned to Walgreens with the issue & the Assistant Manager physically showed me that I had only been charged once by Walgreens.
I called PayPal for a solution & they told me they would not refund the transaction. What is PayPal up to here?????? I have noticed in the passed my PayPal account seemed a lot more empty then it should be (I am talking a few hundred dollars.) If I were to charge my buyers twice for stuff I sell it would be fraud but when Paypal does it it’s somehow OK?!

Would anyone have an answer or solution to what happened so I can get my money back? I don’t like Paypal stealing from me.

Posted: August 14, 2012 at 1:59 pm

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One thought on “PayPal double charged me and refuse refund
  1. uno on

    Paypal is stealing out money and just pretending like they’re not. By saying they will not refund the transaction they acknowledge that there was a double charge but they wont do shit about is, except take your money. Dispute the 2nd transaction with your bank, paypal is not going to help you but your bank may. Good luck