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Paypal sent e-check instead of instant payment

Bought Ebay item – listing stated NO E-CHECKS

No problem I never use E-checks. I sent PayPay Instant payment.

Seller contacts me and says he wants to cancel the transaction because he doesn’t take E-Checks. I called PayPal and eventually the representative said they were having ‘technical issues at PayPal’ where the link for payments for Ebay items is sending E-checks instead of Instant payments. PayPal told me to have the seller cancel the payment and I should send a payment direct to his email. Which we did.

PayPal gets a note from the seller cancelling the e-check where he states he does not accept e-checks.

PayPal cancels my instant payment.

So I had to send a third payment to the seller.

I was on the phone with PayPal for three days in a row – asked to speak to a PayPal supervisor and it has been 24 hours and I have not received a call back.

PayPal told seller to cancel transaction to get refund now I have no recourse.

Posted: April 16, 2013 at 6:21 pm

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