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PayPal And Ebay Ripoff

By Carol

I had been using Paypal for about 8months with no problems, until i sold something worth a lot of money – I had mostly used it for buying goods, and had sold a couple of small items, but the trouble began when i sold a phone for over £200

I sold the phone back in April, buyer paid by credit card and i sent phone once the money had transferred through Paypal into my own bank account and I had withdrawn it.  (i waited this long as previously with the same phone, someone had purchased with “buy Now” option and used credit card but when i tried to transfer it to my bank it was found to be fraudulent use of card!)

So i send the phone and then im happy.  7weeks later, i look at my paypal balance to find it NEGATIVE £235! I hadn’t received any notification from paypal or ebay so i emailed them to see what was going on…all i received back was an automated email thanking me for my query and that i would receive a reply within 3 working days.   After 15, i received a new email saying it was a chargeback as the card wasn’t authorised by the owner to be used, and so they had ‘frozen the funds’ (they hadn’t at all, they’d taken them out of my paypal account, this isn’t freezing, this is refunding!). They also advised that they would be investigating the matter and would advise me of the situation asap…….   I waited and waited and waited….nothing. Then i went to check my paypal account to find i now owe them £248  (£7 for them to investigate, which they didn’t do, they just closed the case, and £6 to convert it to USD from GBP).  

Absolutely fuming, i sent them email several times asking them why it hadn’t been looked into,how did they expect me to pay as I don’t have the money, and whether or not it had been reported to the Police as it was theft.  All i received each time was a response from a different ‘person’ each time – really it was automated emails as none of them addressed the questions i raised, nor did they give me any answers.  My final email to them 2 weeks ago told them to get a manager to contact me as i would not be corresponding with them anymore unless i spoke to someone with some common sense and knowledge of the case. I also advised that I am going to the Police and reporting Paypal. 

Funnily enough I have not had a single response since!!!!!!   they have advised that my account should have been been bought back to a positive balance within 120 days, so i guess i will see what they have to say when it isn’t………

how unfair….   they had ample time to check the card while i was waiting for the money to clear into my bank account..   Also, Paypal must surely have insurance to cover such events so why should i be made to pay??  the money was paid to me, cleared and then spent. if ebay claimed the money back from paypal because the buyer was a fraud, they cannot domino the effect onto me – they are a company with insurance against losses, I am a single parent soon to have a bad credit record for these paypal theives.

It is so unfair.

Unfortunately for Paypal, I have plenty of time to deal with this, and will not give up and pay!!


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:48 am

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2 thoughts on “PayPal And Ebay Ripoff
  1. Paul davies on

    I am fuming now because I cannot even refuse PayPal as a means of payment. A while ago I could uncheck the PayPal option, but now ebay insist that I have to offer Paypal as a payment method and am not allowed to discourage buyers with comments such as ‘Paypal not accepted’ or ‘payment by cheque only’. I think it is outrageous that I am being forced to accept payment via a company owned by ebay and who of course take an extra 4-5% or whatever it is now. I recently listed a telescope for £950 BIN, which after listing, final selling and Paypal fees would have cost me about £110. It just is not worth selling on ebay anymore and I will only use mu account for buying.

    • John on

      Yes, agree with you, Paul. Wholeheartedly.
      What started out as an on line flea market idea, with a supposed fun element concept soon revealed itself to be the fiddle of the century.