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PayPal & eBay Suck, got ripped off by seller!

I acquired a new job in June of this year which required an oil-resistant non-skid leather work shoe. I bought a paid of Rocky US Postal Service specification leather work shoes through eBay. Buyer claimed they were brand new. Within 5 hours of wearing them, the soles of the shoes were literally disintegrating and clunking off. Also, the insides of the shoes were also coming apart and leaving a fine black dust on my white socks.

I later discovered, that the shoes were manufactured in April of 2003. It said it right on the label on the inside of the shoe on the back of the tongue. The shoes were over 10 years old and entirely dryrotted, although they had not been worn previously.

This is odd, because normally the buyer has all of the “protection”. However, the seller claimed that because I wore the shoes, I must have abused them, and that 10 year old shoes that are not worn are still “new”.

eBay and PayPal ultimately sided with the seller.

It wasn’t until the Credit Card company awarded me a credit for the purchase that I finally got my money back.

eBay and PayPal are truly a disgrace. After this incident, I will always think twice from now on. I have since cancelled my PayPal account!

Posted: August 26, 2013 at 4:39 pm

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