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PayPal Smart Connect scam

Yesterday I received a bill from PayPal Smart Connect. There was a late fee on it of $25.00. I knew it was wrong because I just paid my Paypal bill. When I called, it was almost impossible to receive a … Continue reading

PayPal fraud and frustration

I’ve been a seller for years and until recently had perfect feedback. A buyer decided she did not like the color of the bed sheets after she got them and wanted her money back even though I stated no refunds … Continue reading

Never use PayPal for service related transactions

I used PayPal for my vacation rentals. Family came in from Fort Myers Florida to stay a week in my property. Along with it was a security deposit paid together. After the people stay the entire week they left and … Continue reading

Suspended from PayPal forever (and I didn’t do anything wrong)

I have been a stellar ebay seller for 13 years using paypal. Tried to sell an authentic Tudor watch by Rolex (I sell many Rolex every month). eBay pulled it down and suspended me for 7 days. Since they couldn’t … Continue reading

Will my Email to Paypal CEO help?

SUBJECT: Customer Complaint, Dear PayPal CEO: I am a PayPal and eBay customer. I am writing to you as a last resort. Your company has treated me very badly and has left me with no choice but to contact you. … Continue reading

Can I take Paypal to court?

Hi I was a seller on ebay and received fraud paypal emails telling me the transaction was processing. I sent the item out based on these “paypal” emails saying the transaction was processing. The site never actually had a transaction … Continue reading

Paypal sided with fraud buyer, I am filing a lawsuit

I sold a 18k gold charm on ebay. To Make a store short, the buyer bought it and paid for shipping (ship to asia), he gave me a good rating and two weeks later claimed the item was not described, … Continue reading

Account limited despite information provided

I have a serious problem with paypal. I had an old issue with some buyer, he stole my coins and got his money back from the sale then I appealed this case and PayPal decided that i was right.So i … Continue reading

Tons of promised emails blah blah blah but nothing ever happens

Paypal Double charged me. Made me jump through hoop after hoop to get MY Money out. Pay them thousands of dollars just for them to let me put my guard down, put a $3000 small business grant in the account … Continue reading

Limited for reaching Spending Limit

All my favorite artists hail from the US, and since I live in Europe, the cheapest way for me to support them is through PayPal. I considered myself educated on the dangers of their service: I never gave them my … Continue reading