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As a seller I am done with paypal, as a buyer you apparently get stuff for free

Sold a r/c car engine(nitro) to a guy, before he even bought it he emailed and asked what all was wrong with engine? Like in the ad I explained to him the problem and for $40 he bought it. I … Continue reading

Paypal is reversing payments despite no complaints

I offer items on eBay that can be sent trough email but even though I offer by mail and cannot offer it electronically in my listings – due to eBay rules, Many buyers request and expect their items emailed so … Continue reading

How do I win over a fradulent buyer?

Hi guys, Just thought I’d share my story and see if anyone can suggest any course of action. This story is from Australia so I know the avenues for support are a lot more scarce. I listed my item on … Continue reading

Paypal service is the WORST we ever experienced!!!

We made the payment last year, Paypal`s is holding our money to our merchant, not paying our merchant, not returning the money back to us. We have sent millions of emails and have been on phone with US for hours … Continue reading

PayPal took all the money I had designated for Christmas shopping

This means War! I recently opened an account with paypal in order to make my christmas purchases on ebay and went through their verification process. Bank funding was set up on my account and I made 2 purchases. one was … Continue reading

PayPal/eBay do you hear me??

I have been a LOYAL member for at least 10 (ten) years. I have asked for a simple returned e-mail. Are you afraid of me? I am a Professional Executive that use eBay as a hobby, as fun, as a … Continue reading

I got so screwed by paypal

I had PayPal investigate a non-delivery of some digital goods I purchased. The seller turned out to be a scammer, and must have cleared his PP balance so PayPal couldn’t get the funds back. Their message is so ironic considering … Continue reading

Is this a scam?

Hi, I haven’t set up a paypal account but I am a seller and have advertised house furniture etc. for sale on Gum Tree. I received about 6 text messages from people who are interested in buying the lot for … Continue reading

PayPal suspect my account is high risk and shut me down

I have been a paypal and ebay member since 2004, since last year I have been selling on ebay fulltime selling drum kits, on may 2012 I received a notification from paypal that they have put a limitation on my … Continue reading

Doubtful About Email

By Walter PalPalWarning, I received the e-mail below supposably from PayPal but I am a bit doubtful. They say that they only want to confirm my account but ask for all of my vitals.  Is this a scam? Walter Bishop … Continue reading