This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal Email Smells Bad

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I received this email today. It smells bad. I am not and have never been a paypal customer. This appears to be someone fishing for credit card numbers with the attendent Identifying information. Have you … Continue reading

Phony PayPal Email

By Will I’m new to eBay and this whole PayPal thing and had no idea of the problems. I only did one small transaction and had no problem, found your site by accident, and I would like your opinion of … Continue reading

Email To NonPayPal User

By David The following email has appeared twice in my email account recently.  As far as I know, I’m not a PayPal Customer, and I’ve never used PayPal to my knowledge.  If they already had this information, they wouldn’t need … Continue reading

Email I Sent To PayPal

By William An email I just sent paypal Gold Traffic Inc Lot 5 Campbell Court Dumbleyung WA Australia 6350 Ph: 61 438 634 032 Dear, , I am writing this email regarding recent fraudulent transactions and reversed transactions and … Continue reading

Email States Fraud Alert

By Brenda The only reason i got involed with paypal, is because of youth camp my kids wanted to go, but the deadline for the money was in two days, so i knew it wouldnt get in the mail in … Continue reading

Snail Mail Versus PayPal

By Sue I just recently started my own website. I’m old fashioned,I only except cheque/money order. I was thinking of doing PayPal, because that was the “in” thing to do. Now I stumbbled upon this website and you have helped … Continue reading

Emails From PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I have received at least three emails  informing of unauthorized attempts to access my pay pal account.  These emails have come from pay pal with an address indicating where I can go to reply or … Continue reading

Cannot Send Or Receive

By Ilona Well, after a super great month on Ebay, I go to ship several packages with paypal’s online ship system. A typical routine for me.  I log in, go to print a label and get told I cannot send … Continue reading

New Email Address

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I have concerns on email i am recieving stating i have added another email address to my PayPal Account. Please contact me concerning this mannor. Thank you, Jason P.S. Here is a copy of the email … Continue reading

Pretend Paypal Emails

By Susan I have started receiving what I think are emails from someone pretending to be Pay Pal.  These emails started coming again this past 8 days. I got 3 of them.  I have copied one of these emails below: … Continue reading