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Paypal is Extremely Evasive

By Mauryne

I used PayPal to order vitamins from a vendor which would only accept orders through them.  I was not yet a member. 

The product never arrived.  I tried to notify PayPal, but since I was not a member, I couldn’t gain access to their site.  I notified my credit card company and the charge was removed. 

A couple of months later, I joined PayPal to enable me to bid more easily on Ebay. Two weeks later, I was notified that PayPal had disputed my chargeback, insisting that the product was delivered and supplied a receipt from the post office which contained no address and no signature. 

I checked with the manager of my building to ensure that no deliveries were made at the time in dispute.

During a battle which lasted four months, I obtained an email copy of the vendor’s letter to me stating he believed my claim was just.  I also submitted a receipt of my plane ticket to New York City as evidence that I was out of town at the time of delivery and could not have received it.  I faxed copies of all this stuff to both my credit card company and PayPal.

Finally, my credit card company stood up for me.  However, Paypal notified me that it had limited access to my account until I sent them a check for the disputed amount of $108!  I promptly cancelled my account with them.

Paypal is extremely evasive and difficult to contact in cases like this.  They send you form letters or refuse to discuss the matter altogether.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:13 am

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