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A PayPal Eye Opener

By Ryan Haidinger

In 2004, i listed an auction on ebay for 5,000 low cost DVDS, which sold for roughly $9800. For the following week everything went fine. I recieved the payment in my paypal account within 3 days, and i shipped ( WITH tracking ) thru UPS to the buyer. Well  wouldn’t you know it.. i log onto my paypal account the following week and my account says -$10,392.00 ( Yes i had other money in the account ). And it said my account was frozen. I went to see what the claim was and it said ” Seller never sent the 5000 dvds i paid for “, i immediatily put in the tracking number and appealed it. Well nothing ever happened, nobody at paypal speaks english, so am left out.

Well now its 6/15/2005, and for the past 6 months we have been in a huge legal battle with paypal. WE had gotton in the mail “debt collection” notices to get my paypal account back to normal, i refused to pay it. Seeing how the guy frauded me, and he got away with it, while paypal just stood there with their thumb up their butt.

Anyway i contacted my lawyer, and it took 2 months to launch our suit, but on 3/12/05 we were in court with PAYPAL. Wouldn’t you know it that, only 4 reps for paypal showed up. We sued for $42,000 including the lawyer fees, suffering and orginal 10,392 in my paypal.

Well, it ended with a 3 day court case, where we eventually won, but during the whole thing, paypal tried to convince everybody that i KNEW the buyer, and that we were doing this fraud together. I serously though like jumping over the table and punching them all out, i was really going to lose it.

Well a few months pass, i have my money, and i hate paypal. Thats an understatment, i no longer accept paypal for our company nor do i use ebay. Its a horrible, evil corporation, i hope somebody hacks their company.
- Ryan

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:31 pm

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