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PayPal does NOT fight chargebacks, don’t be fooled.

Has anyone complained about whether or not paypal is actually disputing chargebacks on our behalf or if they are just taking a fee from us? I wrote Am Ex after losing a chargeback dispute. Their response was unclear if my case was actually disputed, citing they did not have a merchant agreement with PayPal. I only found out the cc company because the buyer said she was going to file a chargeback with AmEx (since she was unable to file one through eBay since she damaged my item and returned it in a different condition) Of course, I lost the dispute through pay pal.

Posted: April 17, 2015 at 5:47 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal does NOT fight chargebacks, don’t be fooled.
  1. WIlliam on

    I initiated a chargeback on my credit card against a fraudulent seller. The transaction was through Paypal who did nothing to help. When Chase put a chargeback order through Paypal froze my $20,000 transfer of my funds, my money, from Paypal to my bank. The transfer was initiated prior to the $2,000 yet they still refuse to release my $20k because of a $2k chargeback. Now, the merchant agreed to give me back my money and the chargeback issue is resolved and yet Paypal is still holding my $20,000!!!

  2. Chargebacks on

    These types of disputes are usually extremely hard to win. They can be won, but sometimes you’ve just got to think to yourself, “is it really worth the effort and added stress?