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With Paypal fraud under $10,000 is OK

When nearing my $10,000 (initial) Sending Limit and at Pay Now page in PayPal, to pay in full for something I bid on and won!, my 2 registered Credit/Debit cards were frozen until I get “Verified”, which is PayPal’s coercive and manipulative attempt to force Buyers like me to get one of their Cards (a PayPal or eBay one) and to get access to my Credit Union accounts “to make sure ” I am who I am! Well who the HELL have I been up to the $10,000 “limit”? Does this arbitrary Sending Limit mark change who I am now from before said limit?
They claim it is necessary for “security” and “fraud prevention”, but my Credit Union already takes these steps when seeing increased and unusual amounts of Card use by calling me directly on my cell phone and very specifically asking me about particular transactions! And beside, I keep track of my own Card uses as the first line of transaction security/protection!
PayPal’s claim to ensure these security measures is UNNECESSARY because I am ALREADY required to use passwords for any monetary transaction, or PINs, or asked “security” questions all along the transaction, INCLUDING for PayPal!, but ALSO for ATMs and my Credit Union, or utility companies or any other company with good security policies!
I called and e-mailed PayPal about this policy and asked if there was any alternative resolution to this and was told that the only process for getting”verified” was only their way. I told them,” that will end all business between PayPal and me and that I would be seeking a viable alternative to PayPal!” That is why I am at this web site! Thank you!
I will NEVER do business again with or thru PayPal or with anyone who ONLY does business with or thru PayPal!
It is a great comfort to see I am not alone in this treatment as a Buyer and that there is such passion to do without PayPal for online transactions!

Posted: September 25, 2012 at 2:44 pm

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One thought on “With Paypal fraud under $10,000 is OK
  1. lavinia on

    Good point, paypal doesnt care if you are committing fraud as long as you are keeping it under a $10000 limit? Why don’t they just verify everyone from the beginning like a real merchant account provider have to do? No paypal does it the hard way and proceeds with limiting your account while you sign over your most personal information to them that they will store securely (ha ha ha like accounts never get hacked) Buyer beware when it comes to paypal