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PayPal fraud and frustration

I’ve been a seller for years and until recently had perfect feedback. A buyer decided she did not like the color of the bed sheets after she got them and wanted her money back even though I stated no refunds so she then said to paypal they were used and covered with hair and leaves me negative feedback.
They had never been opened.I personal bought them new. eBay does what they do best and gave the con her money back and left me holding the bill and blocked me from being able to leave feedback for her or respond to her feedback to me. When I called all I got was the same old we’re sorry but excuses.
This is the second time I have got scammed by eBay/paypal and their con artist buyers that they always stick up for and when I asked “what about my items I was told by eBay that the buyer did not have to return them unless they wanted to.
So I’m out my money and item plus fee’s and have a frozen account because the fee’s they took and put my account at a negative 88 cents.
After about 2 hours on the phone and numerous payments my account is now about $7 in the positive and the morons can’t figure out how to reinstate my account.they just keep tellin me I have to pay that 88 cents,which I have repeatedly.

Posted: December 10, 2014 at 8:32 pm

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