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PayPal Fraud Victim

By Grant

 Hi, I recently became a victim of Paypal’s fraud.. the ‘Account Limited’ fraud of paypal for absolutely No Reason. They claim they did it for MY SAFTEY!! Can you believe them! I tried contacting them through email but they NEVER replied.I even tried phoning them several times but no one could give me any answers.. They were FORCING me to enter my bank account info and to send them my bank account statements by fax or then face 180 days penalty. I will refuse to enter any of my info on such an UNRELIABLE place. It seems they saw I had over $900 in my account and wanted to freeze it.

They are such a fraud! I wonder why no one makes their EVIL intentions publically known over the net… To warn others not to get caught up in their scam.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:41 am

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