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Fraud is rampant with ePay and Paypal

Over a 4 week period from the end of January 2016 over £50,000 worth of fraudulent transactions were made through both our ebay and paypal accounts. These were carefully hidden on ebay by swiftly moving the sales to our archived … Continue reading

PayPal excuse their illegal actions with the “User Agreement”

Comments: I used my PayPal account to sell and buy on eBay where I have a 100% positive record from my buyers, not a single complaint from my clients in one year. A month ago a recieved an email from … Continue reading

Buyer got double refund; one from eBay and one from PayPal

Tried to use the Ebay global shipping program for the first time and sold a printer. Buyer agreed to a price with shipping but only paid a portion of the total. Ebay would not let me ship because payment was … Continue reading

PayPal admitted they lost my money but didn’t return it

I made a transaction yesterday for a OnePlus2 phone using an invite (which is obv very hard to get). OnePlus2 only allows PayPal as the payment gateway. I made the payment of 402.99$ of which 167$ were deducted from my … Continue reading

Ebay and Paypal have jointly screwed me

I did 7 years of blameless trade with them, then I fell into the hands of a couple of dishonest buyers. When I resisted, I was stuffed. eBay closed my account. Six months later, having divorced and gone back to … Continue reading

Charged $130.00 shipping for free shipping items

I bought several items and paid for them August 15 11:55 pm. There was reversals for many of the items Aug 16 at 12:15 am. They ended up in my unpaid items. I clicked on the items to pay on … Continue reading

Frozen funds and scamming buyers

This is more of an ebay issue than paypal, but I will share it anyways. I sold two high ticket items (over $600). Both arrived damaged, to two separate addresses. On one case, the buyer agreed to a replacement, the … Continue reading

PayPal said I should contact the person who hacked my account

On Saturday at 19:52, somehow a transaction of 410€ was made from my Paypal account to the e-mail “”. I instantly opened a ticket for unauthorised transaction, in about 1-2 hours PayPal returned my query saying after an investigation they … Continue reading

PayPal sides with fraud buyer despite my clear proof.

Paypal opened a case against me where buyer said his card was used fraudulently. I responded to the case with proof the buyer bid on the item on eBay, won the auction, paid for it, the item was shipped and … Continue reading

Issues refund but never got item back

I wanted to get rid of some of the items in my closet for more space and some extra cash. I sold my first four items with no problems, but after selling my REAL Chanel bag (for about $4,000 with … Continue reading