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Who do you beat Item “not as described”

Hi there, Last week I sold an item on Ebay for the first time. It was a phone, Samsung Galaxy Note Mark 1. I used this phone for 1 year, never had any issues with it, never dropped, always had … Continue reading

PayPal recently tried (sucessfully) to bill my checking account

I hope you can advise me. About 15 years ago I tried using PayPal and didn’t like it. Since then, every few years, they try billing my checking account. The people at my bank (Trustco) are not that smart at … Continue reading

Hacked Paypal account. Cleaned out bank account. What to do!

This may not work in all situations, but I will explain what I did. My Paypal account was hacked, and my checking account was emptied. I put in a complaint on Paypal’s resolution center. In the meantime, they told me … Continue reading

Ebay is no longer enjoyable as an occasional seller

I was a regular Ebay buyer and occasionally resold some of those items. A few years ago, one buyer decided the item he bought wasnt exactly what he wanted and opened a dispute. We agreed he was to send it … Continue reading

Shipped item but not getting my money

The package was for a buyer on ebay and the buyer has unregistered with ebay and is not responding to my emails. I received an email from PayPal stating the foreign funds for this purchase were pending until tracking info … Continue reading

Paypal allowed a Lawyer to scam me

I had a PayPal Business account for 4 years. I sold a 4K product to a Lawyer in Texas and after he had the product for 4 months he decided to file a dispute saying he returned the product, provided … Continue reading

Paypal took/refunded more money then what I received from the buyer

I used Paypal to sell an item on eBay. I then tried to use the money to cover the cost of the item but then they locked my account. I tried to refund the money to the buyer since I … Continue reading

Triple charged and no help from Paypal

This is the last email that I sent to Paypal, lets see if I ever hear back from them, doubt it. I had contacted your company by phone 5 times and this beginning to be a issue I normally keep … Continue reading

Intimidation and harassment

Someone used paypal in my name and charged. For 5 years I have been harassed and intimidated with this false purchase. Last night I received another phone call from an individual who was very difficult to understand because of her … Continue reading

Watch out for chargeback scams with Paypal

I am victim of a chargeback and I believe a chargeback scam. I stupidly didnt note the full extent of PayPal’s Seller Protection (or lack of) Policy before selling a Tiffany & Co Merchandise Credit valued at $5645.00 for $4500.00 … Continue reading