This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Watch out for scams using paypal

I was scammed by a work at home Job from a company called “TESCO” the company used my empty Paypal acct to place a checking count on the account. then dep 2000.00 on the acct for me to use to … Continue reading

3 unauthorized transactions on new paypal account

So I just open an account with paypal and placed my first order from the internet and then went and login into paypal to check the account. Low and behold there were 3 charges that were not authorized each for … Continue reading


A month or so ago, I sold a watch on ebay to ‘pfranks____”. Once I was notified I received payment on paypal, I sent him a message via ebay saying thanks for doing business..yadda yadda. He messages back saying no … Continue reading

How does PayPal have any users left?

I sold a brand new louis vuitton bag on ebay. 2 weeks later, the buyer complained and said that the bag was not brand new as described and she wants a full refund. At this point, I knew something was … Continue reading

Stolen funds were never returned

When I had a paypal account, a foreign entity hacked my account and stole over $200. I filed a complaint with paypal and they said they would look into it. i checked back a few day later and got no … Continue reading

Buyer filed a bogus claim and won

I recently sold a used coach scarf on eBay and the seller filed a false claim stating the scarf was significantly damaged with holes through out it,which was a blatant lie. This scarf was in excellent used condition and 12 … Continue reading

Told to not mail items buyers had all ready received

PayPal ripped me off for several thousand dollars 12,000. I gave the customers the items and all of them received the items. I mailed receipts to the customers along with tracking to PayPal. I get an email from Payscum saying … Continue reading

Local pick-up was fraud transaction

I sold an item on eBay for £900….it was paid for through Paypal…the buyer came and collected the item and just to have a proof i ask them to send an email confirming the collection; they sent the email and … Continue reading

It’s just too easy to get screwed with chargebacks

Ebayer bought my item. Didn’t want it so filed a credit card charge back. Paypal told me I’d win because my listing clearly stated the item. As time progressed (you have to wait 75 days) he never returned my item. … Continue reading

I have 2 problems: feedback at ebay and with paypal

well I just had a problem with ebay AND payal. With ebay for not wanting to remove a feedback witch contains a casefile( its my first negative reaction in 500 feedbacks). even when its mentioned in their “rules” that they … Continue reading