This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Customer falsely reports item not as described

Customer falsely reports item not as described, I have emails from buyer claiming item in perfect condition, but because he filed his claim with paypal he automatically wins, win no proof! I provided mountains of proof to support my side, … Continue reading

Unsubstainiated chargebacks

have been selling on e-bay for some time, had a lot that had silver and other coins in it, all the descriptions were there , even on the one piece that said we thought was fake, the lot sold for … Continue reading

Paypal – the modern scam artists!!!

Paypal – the modern scam artists!!! Sold only 3 things on ebay from around the house 2 of which were under £5 value and one £20 (and had to pay over 20% total fees on ebay+paypal just to sell them) … Continue reading

Beware PP stealing other funds

In short, I am a seller with PP & Ebay for 12 years (100% perfect f/b). A buyer recently complained about a damaged item to Ebay who immediately put a negative balance of -£28 on my PP account (the cost … Continue reading

I am Calling the state attorneys office for fraud

I have been a customer of paypal for ten+ years. They recently froze my account saying i had “exceeded my ten thousand dollar spending limit.” A: I havent spent 10k wish i had it to spend. B: I tried to … Continue reading

Common misconception is that the buyer always wins

Paypal are an absolute disgrace. The common misconception is that the buyer always wins, no matter what, but as a buyer, I can say that it not the truth at all. I have had 2 cases go against me recently, … Continue reading

Paypal is part of the fraud

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, PayPal MasterCard Services called asking if I had charged two payments of $64.49 USD to APL*APPLE ITUNES STORE 866-712-7753 CA. I replied that I did not, and was instructed to destroy the credit card. Also, … Continue reading

Overcharge on transaction fees over 9 year period

I have been overcharged by at least 1 percent on my transaction fees over many years, and been overcharged by a lesser percent for many more years. I have claimed a refund of these fees from this period but they … Continue reading

Simple case of buyers remorse and I, the seller, gets punished

Sold a hard drive on eBay. Buyer solicited positive feedback saying he had left positive for me which he had. Subsequently said drive was faulty despite my attempting to get him to initialize the drive under windows. Raised complaint saying … Continue reading

How many ways can one get screwed by PayPal?

Over a DOZEN screwings from PayPal siding with customers buying NEW products on eBay, damaging them, & then claiming they were “defective out of the box”… (TOTAL BULL!) Also overseas buyers requesting or CHOOSING cheapest shipping methods, & then claiming … Continue reading