This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Seller Fraud

I purchased a “mint condition” phone on Ebay for $300. When I received the phone there was a small crack in the corner of the screen along with a small dent on the same corner of the phone. It was … Continue reading

Fraud attempt using paypal

Here’s an attempt to scam $1850.00 from me for a vehicle I have for sale on Autotrader. I copied and pasted this email they sent me. Can I have them arrested for attempted larceny? We Sincerely Seek Your Esteemed Co-operation … Continue reading

Scammer is mocking me on the phone

I recently sold a phone and they payed through paypal but asked me to send it to another address, now they have tried to link my email address to a gumtree sale that i knew nothing about , they showed … Continue reading

Dispute filed after account was closed

Good morning, I write from Italy. I sold 1 musical item to a person, shipping it in Japan, transaction made OUTSIDE EBAY. He paid 830 euros for that. I shipped it and transferred my money from paypal to my credit … Continue reading

With Paypal fraud under $10,000 is OK

When nearing my $10,000 (initial) Sending Limit and at Pay Now page in PayPal, to pay in full for something I bid on and won!, my 2 registered Credit/Debit cards were frozen until I get “Verified”, which is PayPal’s coercive … Continue reading

Need help to deliver payback to Paypal

I recently has an awful experience with paypal and do want to make their life as hard as they made for me by taking a law action. I don’t have any experience at this field and would appreciate any advice … Continue reading

PayPal double charged me and refuse refund

I just made a $9.61 purchase at Walgreens & a few minutes later found that my PayPal account had been charged twice for the same transaction. I personally returned to Walgreens with the issue & the Assistant Manager physically showed … Continue reading

“Customer Service” gets you nowhere

I’ve been using PayPay off & on since its inception – not often, just once in a while. Most recently, I sold a guitar about 2 years ago (personal transaction, not eBay). I still have a little over $100 balance … Continue reading

Account Block – Money Stolen

Hi there, I came across this website some time ago, and since then have had a good few problems with paypal, But my most recent Hassles gave me the urge to really just let everyone know how much paypal actually … Continue reading

Chargebacks and buyer fraud

Sold a Jaeger Clock for 300, when it arrived the buyer Texted me to say clock arrived safely, Next thing i know is he has opened a chargeback dispute, I showed paypal my proof of posting, not only that i … Continue reading