This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

It is too easy for buyers to scam and get away with it

So I sell an item to a guy. I monitor the transaction and its’ process through the USPS. Suddenly, I get a complaint straight from EBay that the item arrived totally damaged. Now, here’s the funny part. The buyer filed … Continue reading

Erased my entire Paypal account but kept my money

I had a verified ebay and paypal account a while ago. I was in the Military for over 20 years. Im retired now (happily). I was sent over seas for a deployment of 3 years. I called ebay and paypal … Continue reading

“Sorry we can’t process your payment” but PayPal did, all 3 attempts I made

Hi i got that message “Sorry we can’t process your payment” its a brand new card so after trying 2x with firefox and then going to ie for it to fail I decided to not log in to my paypal … Continue reading

Item not as described dispute

In Dec. of 2013 i opened a case against a seller who sent me a skirt which was not the color as described in her listing. I received a purple and e-mailed her to let her know I was dissatisfied … Continue reading

One false chargeback put me out of business with PayPal

PAYPAL NIGHTMARE!!! I have to tell you my story. I have been an internet entrepreneur since 2007 literally making millions and using paypal with my first business without a hitch In november 2013, I started an ebay account selling cosmetics. … Continue reading

If you are a seller you are wasting your money to use Paypal

On 10 Apr 14, I sold a Genuine Rolex (checked by dealer) to a buyer for $3900. My ad had several clear pictures and accurate description. first the buyer said the band was scratched and wanted to return it (but … Continue reading

Paypal Stole $500,000 From ME!!!!!!

I was saving money in my paypal account. One day, I get a call from PayPal and am told that I forgot to pay someone money ($40). So I tell them to go on  take the required amount and they … Continue reading

PayPal just took my money

I have had it with paypal myself. I paid for some things all at one time, now the vendor says he did not get the money. So now I am out that money. Then I buy something else and the … Continue reading

Paypal took funds despite seller issuing refund

I have sent a payment through my bank account and the seller REFUNDED me the next day. PayPal still took the money out of my account EVEN THOUGH the seller REFUNDED ME WAYYYY BEFORE PAYPAL HAD A CHANCE OF TAKING … Continue reading

Did not receive refund for shipping despite being promised that

I made a purchase from ebay the amount of 211.80$ I initially received the product from California they were 2 phones which were defective I tried to contact the seller and got no respond so I immediately contacted pay pal. … Continue reading