This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

I have been cheated by Paypal, ebay and buyer

I worked my EBay for 5 yrs I am disabled and rely on the income from home I operate a non profit animal rescue with proceeds from sales off of EBay. I sold a saddle the buyer kept the saddle … Continue reading

How is Paypal allowed to hold my funds for 6 months??

I was a happy user of paypal with how most places i shop at online accept it and did a lot of my own business transactions through them, until that is this past weekend, when without warning i learnt that … Continue reading

Why is the buyer always right?

So I sold an item on ebay. The buyer claimed I mis-represented the $8 clothing item & demanded a full refund. I felt like they called me liar. My page said “no returns” but I tried to be reasonable & … Continue reading

I am going on a mission to bring PayPal down!!

Sold an engine to a clown in ND he suggested we use Scam Pal. paid me, PP took their fees….I took 800.00 and transferred it to my bank, left some money in the PP account. guy receives engine… complaint! puts … Continue reading

The truth is the last thing PayPal cares about

I sold a pair of shoes off eBay using paypal only to move things along quicker. The buyer agreed to my asking price and said they would pay right away. They told me the money was sent but I seen … Continue reading

To date I have lost $4360.00 using Paypal and eBay

I’m going to try and give the short version. if not i’ll make myself so upset I’ll be useless all day. Bought a car threw ebay, via a seller. paid 3100.00 seller kept money and car, yes paid with paypal, … Continue reading

Items not as described or picture was very deceptive

I ordered item on e bay and I always try to really look at the picture and description. Well, I guess this one truly puzzled me. I ordered this Nutri System 5 day plan with picture for $20.50 and then … Continue reading

Buyer returned different item, a fake

Hello, maybe you can help I sold a pair of pre-owned Christian louboution on ebay authentic ofcorse and 5 days after buyer received them they open paypal claim saying they were fake and wanted to return. I’ve sold Many high … Continue reading

A lying buyer can ruin it all for a seller

PayPal & ebay have suspended my account after only a total of 5 or 6 negative feedback in almost 2 years! Not to mention that several were NOT legitimate!! I went through a though time back in July 2013 taking … Continue reading

Paypal is helping, not hindering criminals

I recently make a purchase of $260 on ebay and paid through paypal of course! because what other site out there guarantees what paypal does? well.. my account is limited with a -$260 balance because their process and coverage failed … Continue reading