This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

I am in a big mess

I was working with another party who approached me to help sell her husbands bikes as she didn’t have an eBay or paypal account and they moved to England two weeks ago and had no accounts and that her husbands … Continue reading

Unauthorized charges by PayPal

I do not know where to begin since my issues with PAYPAL are so complicated. In a nutshell, I placed an online order to MICROSOFT STORE only to see that charges were doubled. I IMMEDIATELY contacted GAY from PAYPAL where … Continue reading

PayPal refunded scammer

A couple of months ago we sold a set of wheels to a guy in the Ukraine, we used Paypal as our payment method. We followed their protocol as such, sent the goods to the customer by TNT International courier. … Continue reading

I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal

Hello, I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal on the grounds that: 1. They took money out of my account and awarded it to one of my customers who received the item she bought from me and the … Continue reading

Yet another eBay/paypal story..but I kind of won this one

I sold a “fiberstars fiberoptics iluminator” on eBay for $300. Shipped it insured with the post office. After 2 weeks buyer opened dispute saying it was not as described when in fact it had been damaged thru the post office. … Continue reading

Paypal guarantee is bogus

I bought an item with Paypal, price was about US$ 50. The seller did not ship the item until I had complained several times. The item he shipped was a counterfeit. I informed Paypal, sent pictures, provided explanations,… more than … Continue reading

Tired of having PayPal treating me like an idiot.

I recently won a dispute that had been escalated and the appeal both opened by buyer for item not as described…now somehow a second appeal has been one by buyer(i didnt know this was possible) i have been told i … Continue reading

Paypal issued 2 refunds for 1 purchase

A buyer stated that they did not receive their purchase from me on eBay. The purchased was tracked and showed that the Buyer received the item. The buyer then stated that the item was not as described and emailed pictures … Continue reading

Another seller screwed by Paypal

Customer bought a reconditioned car part of me for $900. Postage $47. On eBay. Next thing I get a message from Paypal that a dispute has opened. Long story short, customer didn’t understand what they were buying, I explained this … Continue reading

Paypal has proven themselves to be quite useless when it comes to protecting sellers

I received an offer for some computer parts that I was selling. This guy offered a fair price but requested that I ship the parts to Brazil and lie to customs about the value. I agreed, I figured “hey, if … Continue reading