This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal Claims Process

I am so angry I can barely find the words. I filed a complaint for non-delivery of some items I had ordered from a vendor in Australia. I had good results from him previously, but on this particular order I … Continue reading

Buyer pretended to not understand English and then scammed me

Sold an item to Germany and sent invoice for £43.20. The buyer ( after several emails explain the cost inc postage said she didn’t understand English and sent me £93.20. I immediately refunded her £51.90. Three weeks later she opened … Continue reading

PayPal sold my bank account information to China

PayPal sells my bank information, including both my account number and debit card, to China. This has happened on several occasions. Shenzhen, China is the originating site. When asked about their lack of confidentiality, they tell me it must be … Continue reading

eBay sides with scammer who gets silver tea caddy for free

Sold a silver tea caddy to a guy from Russia, he waited until I sent the item supplied him with the customs info and claimed non-receipt. My customs form shows it left the usa through Kennedy airport in NYC. Ebay … Continue reading

PayPal forced me to sign up for Bill Me later

For years, I was very happy with PayPal. I used my personal credit card thru PayPal to pay for online purchases. A few months ago, PayPal forced me to sign up for Bill Me later. This is in fact their … Continue reading

Refund without item (car!) returned

I sold a grey market (European market only) BMW E36 M 6 speed manual transmission for $1700 and after 99 days paypal returned the funds to the buyer stating the items was not as described and without requiring the item … Continue reading

Unauthorized charge to my Visa card by PayPal – and they tried to hide it

I sold an item on Ebay for $900. Two weeks later the buyer filed claim not as described. I offered a full refund and return shipping. Buyer refused to return item. Two more weeks later I found that when I … Continue reading

Paypal is sending me to collections for account falsely linked to mine

I have been a member with them since 2005. Zero problems or complaints with my account. I got an email from ebay saying my ebay account was linked to another user. I called to find out what was going on. … Continue reading

PayPal is a big mistake to WORLD commerce

What in the WORLD is our leaders doing, to allowing a SINGLE entity to control Ebay and making it a (sole) dominant ePayment? It is a great injustice to all. This is why PayPal is becoming a PARASITE in broad … Continue reading

Received email from Paypal it was safe to ship, it was NOT

In May of 2013, I “sold” two smart phones through Ebay, using PayPal as the payment intermediary. The phones were suppose to be shipped to Nigeria. I received a official looking confirmation email from PayPal stating that the funds were … Continue reading