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PayPal Fraudulent Email

By Paula

I recently received an email which appeared to be from paypal. It stated that there had been suspicious activity on my account. There was a link provided which stated & looked like it was to their website for login to verify information.

Instead I was redirected (not knowing this) to some Romanian website where they obtained the personal information I thought i was confirming on my Paypal account. These people attempted to reset my pin# and use my checking account debit card.

Luckily my bank was on the ball & realized this before any money was taken from me. The webiste has since been deleted by the perpetrators. This may not technically be any fault of Paypal but they probably could keep customers better informed on these types of scams. I have never received a warning from them, assuming this would be bad for their business.

Another question I have is where did they obtain my email address in the first place & how did they know I had a paypal account?

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 8:08 am

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One thought on “PayPal Fraudulent Email
  1. Bryan on

    The best thing to do is check that all communications and links are legitimate.
    In this case checking the Paypal email that sent the email to in the first place. If it says something like or then those would be legitimate. If the account looks like or paypal@ymail/gmail/live/ then these would be fraud. Same with the provided links within the email, with your pointer move over the link and see the redirecting link at the bottom of the screen. You should see a but if you see a then assume fraud and do not click. This works with PC, I’m not a fan of Apple so wouldn’t know if same applies to Mac software/browsers.

    Hope this helps