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PayPal Froze Account For Changing Credit Card

By Tony


First I must say that I have been with PayPal since it’s inception and until recently with no problems. Recently I had my unblemished account limited AKA frozen because over the years I had the account, I had changed the credit card associated with it too many times for PayPals liking.

The reason for the last change was that Mastercard had compromised numerous card numbers and replaced the cards with new ones. I contacted Paypal and they told me that the CC issue violated their TOS. BS, pure and simple.

I read the TOS, word for word, and there is nothing mentioned regarding this subject. When I brought this to their attention they replied that they know it is not in the TOS but it is their internal policy. Well, how can they hold someone accountable for an issue if they don’t tell someone about the policy? No wonder there is a class action lawsuit against them over this, which fortunately I fit into the class represented.

My point being is that if you have a policy indicating that you can’t do a particular thing, then you must at least tell people so that they can avoid doing it. We never had these problems before Paypal was gobbled up by eBay.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 9:51 am

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