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Paypal froze my account then froze accounts of people I did business with

PayPal thinks they can do whatever they want with anybody’s account and money. Last week my place of employment was robbed and Items that I had just sold on eBay were stolen, so of course I couldn’t mail out the items or issue a refund. Im 100% responsible for this and knew my PayPal account would be froze, but not only they froze me, they froze my suppliers account that I was buying from and sending money to through PayPal, and froze someone he sent money to….WTH….How do they have the right to freeze them, WTH did they do? Now PayPal got them mad at me. They need to fix this crap, I dont even see how this is legal to just freeze anybodys account and money whenever they want. So anyone that is using paypal need to be sure that every person they have a transaction with is never going to have a problem with paypal because that could affect their account as well.

Posted: November 13, 2012 at 4:42 pm

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One thought on “Paypal froze my account then froze accounts of people I did business with
  1. Danniele on

    You could and should have issued a refund to your buyers, it is not their fault (or yours) that you were burglarized so they should not have to pay for it. But it is just crazy how paypal went and feoze the account of your supplier and someone who he sent money to. When using paypal you are guilty by association, doesn’t matter if you did anything wrong or not.