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PayPal Froze My Funds

By Gerry

I had a problem with my password, and after trying to enter it a number of times Paypal locked me out of my account. Paypal requested that I fax a copy of my Drivers license & a utility bill, and that they would contact me within two weeks. Two weeks to the day, Paypal sent an Email stating that they needed my wifes Drivers License and a utility bill. I sent that in, and one week later they said they received it, and would be holding my money in the account for 180/days from the last transaction. They had $575.00 in my account that I could not access. They would allow me to continue to sell items, the money would go into my Paypal account, which I could not touch, and any fees charge for selling an item were charged to my checking account. By the way if I continued to sell any items and the money went into my Paypal account, it would continue to push the 180/day timeline further out. I must have called Paypal six times before I convinced them to work with me and allow me to access my money. I am currently waiting six weeks for my funds.I have closed the account, and still waiting for my $575.00 balance.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:34 am

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