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PayPal Froze and Withdrew $1,315.00

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I have an online business selling computers, I set up a paypal account after hearing nothing but good things about them. The first 3 payment I recieved I had not problems with, then things started to go wrong, a customer had ordered 2 desktop computers and an additional hard drive, the total transaction came to $1,315.00 he completed the online payment form and sent me an e-mail to confirm this, that afternoon I arranged for the items to be shipped to him, 2 days later I logged into my account to discover my account had been frozen, and that money the $1,315.00 had been withdrawn, I contacted paypal about this, all they had to say was

“your account has been frozen to due to possible fraudulant use, the last payment has been refunded in full and we are considering Legal Action against you”

They refused to comment further on the matter.

2 weeks later I was sent an e-mail saying that my account had been unfrozen and that they had payed all my payment for the purchases made while my account had been frozen, I couldnt beleve it, I had not purchased anything using my paypal account, I contacted them about this and they told me I couldnt get a refund, I told them I wanted to cancel my account and that I would seek legal advice about these purchases I had supposedley made,

After sorting the matter out with my bank, I got my money back, paypal was not too happy about this and they requested the money which they supposedley paid out, I told them i would not pay them and i cancelled my account.

I have heard nothing from paypal since, all I can say to people considering opening a paypal account, DONT DO IT you will only REGRET it.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 5:52 am

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