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PayPal “Frozen” Account

By Mary

I’m finding the same thing – I pay for items via e-Bay using my debit/credit card but they keep pushing me to set up my pmts through my checking account! I have ignored their requests and now find they won’t even take my debit card to make payments. I keep getting this error message that says “You have a card problem – contact customer service.” It’s funny – I purchased 2 items just yesterday over the internet [not on e-Bay] from two different sources and what do you know? Not a single problem using the good ol’ visa card for either merchant. So I am going to contact my e-Bay seller and ask if I can send money orders from here on out; I don’t think it will be a problem because I’ve purchased quite a bit from her over the months and my payment history is 100% perfect. But I would encourage everbody on e-Bay who are repeat purchasers to do the same with their sellers.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:30 am

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One thought on “PayPal “Frozen” Account
  1. mike on

    Paypal froze my account when some one was bidding on my Ebay auctions and not paying

    with held costumers money that did pay made them think I was out fraud them

    I called them on the phone they lady I talked to at Paypal cussed me out this was a few years ago now they have some collections that have been Harassing for these few years and me .. they have gave them my information to them and I get some other collections that are not even Paypal collections trying to collect that are scams using my Paypal information

    I never OPT in to let them give my my info out
    and I will not pay them
    for something they did to me This has stressed me out so long I’m needing help in trying to get a major personal injury LAW SUIT AGAINST PAYPAL because I have had to take medications FOR this