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PayPal Frozen Funds

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

About 4 months ago we started selling on EBay and were becoming very successful until 10/13/04, when PayPal sent an e-mail informing us of suspicious activity on our account. They gave us until 11/15 to respond, which as you can see hasn’t arrived yet. Then they decided to run a credit check without our consent or knowledge, after which they closed the account, froze all the funds and when we checked the balance today, we have found that they have already deducted over $1,000 without notifying us, giving reason for this deduction, etc.  I would like to know where they feel they have a legal right to close a person’s account, freeze the funds and use these funds anyway they see fit, even though they have no financial investment or interest in the account whatsoever.

We also found out that not only are we being told that the funds will probably not be released until February, but we can’t even have access to the buyers that are waiting on their product.  Instead, I think  PayPal is going to reimburse from our account, this too being done without consent.  How can these jerks get away with this type of criminal activity and no one has proceeded with the prosecution of this criminal organization and why are they being allowed to continue doing business and destroying so many lives?  Do you realize how much money they have stolen? I just tried to logon to their website and it says, in so many words: “PayPal apologizes for the inconvenience and will return soon.  We are closed for maintenance at this time.”  Didn’t they just “close for maintenance” at the beginning of October?

Something seems terribly wrong and they need to be stopped now and return everyone’s money promptly!!!  They are literally stealing while everyone sits powerless and watch this take place.  Stop Them Now!!!

Thanks for listening.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:40 am

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