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PayPal Funds Vanish

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

Hi. Some time ago, I used PayPal to receive payments. My checking account was linked to PayPal. I remember that I could never seem to transfer all my funds. Little amounts seemed to vanish **POOF** mysteriously. Anyway, I closed the checking account for security reasons, because I didn’t like the idea of my money disappearing, however small the amount.

Recently, I wanted to make some purchases through PayPal. I tried to remove the outdated checking account from PayPal’s system, but for some reason this option did not seem available. So I entered my credit card account. At the time I had 13 cents in my PayPal account. I then made two purchases, clicking on the pay through credit card option, but for some reason PayPal tried to charge my non-existent checking account. (The bank denied the charges.)

Anyway, eventually PayPal charged the credit card, as I had intended, and then PayPal deleted the old checking account. **POOF** went the 13 cents. Of course, no one is going to chase after 13 cents. Still, I pay attention to these things. After reading some other horror stories on this site, I decided it just wasn’t worth the risk of keeping any kind of PayPal account, so I closed it. My horror story is not so horrible when taken on an individual basis, but if you multiply small amounts by many customers, it really adds up.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:22 am

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