This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal Outright Theft

By Gregory Himes Just found this site, but it’s been over a year since my last contact with PayPal regarding my original account: Several years ago (before ebay purchased PayPal), the company began requiring validation for more an more reasons, … Continue reading

I Must Delete Account

By Joe I don’t remember ever applying for a PayPal account.  Recently I’ve had a number of email asking that I please verify my account information and that until such time my account is frozen. Let’s assume I did in … Continue reading

Trying To Cancel Sale

By Don I have been trying to get a hold of these people to cancel my account. The phone doesn’t work and using the computer I cannot get through.. My password doesn’t work.  It is impossible to get them.  I … Continue reading

PayPal Overcharges

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Purchased an item from Ebay, used PayPal. Item never arrived. Sender refunded me, PayPal take over $50 in charges, exchange fees, more charges and yet more charges. They charge you to upgrade your account so … Continue reading

PayPal Buyer Scammed Me

By Fatesfan Issue – this scam artist used Ebay to milk me out of funds. He asks me to end an auction early for him but wants to purchase outside of ebay. He pays me $25, I send merchandise then … Continue reading

Paypal Gift Certificates

By R.S.Brewer Hadn’t had any problems with Paypal until about 6 mos ago when they sent me an email saying my account needed to be verified.  I use one credit card for Ebay purchases.  I thought I had been confirmed/verified … Continue reading

Chargeback One Year Later!

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous I sell software which I have created, and have a business account, fully verified with paypal. For the last 4 years I have never had one single buyer complaint posted with Paypal. I do not … Continue reading

PayPal Gave My Money to a Thief

By Gretchin I see that most of the complaints are from sellers, let me give you the flip side.  I purchased a 3 carat diamond ring on Ebay and paid via Paypal (bankcard).  I waited for 2 weeks and finally … Continue reading