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Paypal Gift Certificates

By R.S.Brewer

Hadn’t had any problems with Paypal until about 6 mos ago when they sent me an email saying my account needed to be verified.  I use one credit card for Ebay purchases.  I thought I had been confirmed/verified but something happened and they told me I had to be verified (again) as my transactions on Ebay and through Paypal was approaching $2K. 

To fix this, I would have to give them my bank acct info which was NOT associated with my CC.  “Ain’t no way,” I told them, I was going to give them or anyone else that info.I called customer service on numerous occasions and sent as many emails.  The only reply I ever got was from “Carrie” who stated that was their policy. Their policy and mine had a parting of the ways and I told them to cancel my account. 

To wit, they responded if I didn’t get verified they would cancel my account.  SUBSEQUENTLY, my daughter bought me a gift certificate for $50. I tried to use it, but before I could I had to be verified by giving them MY bank account info.  The gift certificate for Ebay, which my Navy daughter, single mom, bought for her Dad, is no good and I am holding Ebay and Paypal responsible.  As I understand it, EBAY IS ASSOCIATED WITH PAYPAL. 

What a shame to let crooks ruin a good thing.  They are located, according to info gleaned from this site, 126th and Harrasion St in Omaha, NE. RSB

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:56 am

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